It’s an experiment


Here you are, engulfed in the

abyss of your unconscious.

Here you are, braced for knowledge,

ready to





at the subject. Why don’t you go

make your d-i-a-l-l-i-n-g notes and

wait for the answer of theoretical understanding

But this you can only hypothesise,

of course.

Life is an experiment. When you experience something unfamiliar, it is no different to making a scientific discovery; at first the mind doubts that this is important, then the thoughts start to settle in and intrigue soon turns to satisfaction-congratulations, you’ve learned something. Now store that in your mind, remember how it has changed you. Likewise, write down the results, keep a record of your progress and use that to produce a second hypothesis, a third, a fourth and so on. Because science is only theory waiting to be disproved right? It’s fallible and inconsistent, like life. The only thing that’s certain is death. But that’s beside the point.


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