Let me tell you something. In your lifetime you will come across several types of people. There are the people who open themselves up to the world; like glass chandeliers, they allow the world to penetrate their mind, refracting emotions like light through a prism. They are translucent, glass beings; incredibly  vulnerable. They allow themselves to be touched and tangled in a web of characters: the ones who wear their heart on their sleeves- the most naive, susceptible it may seem. Are they happy? Who knows.

Then there are those who hide their true emotions, choosing to portray the one mask of apathetic consideration. Dragons they might be, with their impenetrable scales little can pierce the harsh mask, the façade built for no man’s detection. Most of the time they deflect the language thrown their way. But look closer and you can see how they put up an affront to the slightest intimacy, and in doing this, reveal a part of themselves they think they can hide. But really what does it show but their insecurity and the part of themselves they’ve fought so hard to cover up in this pretence, this great showmanship meant to impress. They have a distorted view of what is right, normal and they are shrouded in a fog of their own ignorance.

Then you have the Russian nesting dolls, those who shed a skin with every discourse, keeping parts of themselves hidden behind persona’s to protect who they really are. This is who we have become: people who seem strong or level headed, grounded even. But little do others know, that we spend our nights dreaming, hoping of what could be, crying, not over the unfairness of it all or our own desperate hopes but because things aren’t the way we imagined them to be. The expectation, the thoughts swelling with acknowledgement of a simple life when in fact things are much more complicated. Like a crime novel, the secrets remain buried beneath the surface and one by one you have to unpick the locks, discover the truths and even still your life has become one drama after the other.

Every one of us puts on a persona to protect ourselves. Whether it be our family or our friends, our discourse changes and so does what we choose to reveal about ourselves. We cannot trust in others to keep sacred that humanity that is most personal. Maybe we are just trying to protect ourselves from the corruption of society, of exploitation and politics. Or maybe we’re shielding ourselves from the people and the connections they wish to make. Either way we have become beings susceptible to emotion, to the weakness of human endeavour and as society expands, changes and becomes more abrasive we’ve become coarse, evolving to adapt in a world that requires strength and courage beyond all measure.


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