i should be writing but i’m procrastinating by writing

Sounds odd, but hear me out.

I’ve been wanting to create a post for some time now, but in the space that I’ve had to do it, I’ve either been making vlogs instead or *trying* to buckle down to my essays. Now I’ve got 4 deadlines coming up and about 2-3 weeks to get them done. But the moment I try to write them, I get distracted by the prospect of writing here. When I can’t even conceive an idea for my 1250 word creative piece I come here to express the wonders of procrastination with another form of writing-which is a grim irony in itself because at the same time as being productive on this blog, I am miserably failing at other areas in my life. There seems to be no win-win situation here.

There’s also a very specific assumption that to write a blog post it has to be this complete, perfected piece of writing. Yet when you have little time to do so, and a mind that never stops skipping topics, is that even a possibility?  What can we then say about the human mind? That it’s this perfect entity able to capture and retain moments, processes, theories in a clearly comprehensive way? There is some imperfection in every human endeavour, every action and every function, one way or another. So if we’re going to produce something fragmented, just know that it stands as a marker of something more than a shoddy piece of writing. You just need to open up your mind to the possibilities of something more expansive; something more abstract.