What am I?

I’m a person. Simple enough, but a statement like what am I can be decoded in so many abstract ways that simply saying I’m a person has no more weight than the tireless utterances, I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m bored etc.  When you really look at language we use day to day, you begin to understand that within each word, phrase and sentence, there are several ideas that unconsciously spring to mind. If someone were to ask me what am I, not only is it a question of what being you are, but what species, what type of person, what characteristics; is this a question about moral codes, political stance, the identification with a group, heretics??? There is no simple answer.

I am a student at Falmouth University and with that expertise and learning I have come not only to understand who I am as a person but to also question everything that is out there to understand that not everything is as simple as it seems. Admittedly it sounds like a massive headache but once you remove yourself from the spike of existential crisis you can start to truly appreciate that this mine field of abstract ideas is extremely interesting.

Throughout this blog I will be posting my thoughts on these abstract topics, reviewing literature and purposely exploring the nitty-gritty questions about life in the best way I can- through my subjective sense of the world. So if this sounds like something up your street then I’ll say no more and you can scroll through this blog to your heart’s content. If not, then move on, your life is your own and let’s be honest, we can all tire easily of others rants, so I’m not holding it against you if you do.

I can’t promise a post every day but once a week? Sure, I think we can let that slide…


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